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Full Version: Edited screenshots
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Some Fast edit

[Image: 10532258724_2ee1c0ff62_o_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg]
First ever PS edit.

[Image: BuRRdn1.jpg]

it sucks.
Sucks! Big Grin
Rekt Toni xddddd
I post fast one i did , long time withouth touch photoshop :3
[Image: 55736b2470849-tonicruise.jpg]
Not bad. Smile
XFG licenseplate =LU64 TON
I wonder whos driving it hah
Toni , it were drived by a nub , you werent the driver of it

Strangely enough, i have the exact licenseplate on my car...

I smell something fishy on this. (not pussy)
Maybe a 'D'onkey?
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