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Full Version: Two Departures and New Recruit
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Hello Cruisers,

We have few things to mention today,

Sadly dymz and Tripod decided to leave the team due to personal reasons. Non [TC] or [CSR] Related.

[Image: isonline.Enesaky1] | [CSR] dymz | Enesaky1

[Image: isonline.havard1997] | [CSR] Tripod | havard1997

Thank you for everything guys, you were great members to drive and have fun with.

On another note, we are glad to wellcome Sparckify as a recruit.

Congrats [Image: isonline.sparckify] | [CSR] sparckify | sparckify

We wish you good luck in the upcomming weeks!

Thats all for today, We wish you happy cruising!

Team [CSR] Management