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Full Version: Few promotions and a departure
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Hello Cruisers,

We have few things to announce today,

Firstly we want to congratulate [CSR] Carlos on his promotion Assitant Leader in Training.

[Image: isonline.thegamer147] | [CSR] Carlos | thegamer147

Congratulations, mate you deserve it!

Also [CSR] ROBO and [CSR] Ludo will be promoted to Seniors due to their loyalty to the team.

[Image: isonline.robo1990] | [CSR] ROBO | robo1990

[Image: isonline.Ludo99] | [CSR] Ludo | Ludo99

Congratulations guys thank you for being loyal to this day!

And sadly as we cannot contact one of our members he will have to leave the team due to inactivity.

[Image: isonline.Fishtail1245] | [CSR] Lucious | Fishtail1245

We hope everything is allright mate. Good Luck in the future!

Thats everything for now, Happy Cruising!

Team [CSR] Management