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Full Version: Show us your WIP skin!
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Here is my Gumball skin, awaiting for sponsors. Smile

[Image: CmTpZ4G.png]

[Image: pFSuXPs.png]
Gumball is coming closer and closer everyday, i really can't wait for it.

Meanwhile i have almost finished the first 'Team Bad Intentions' FZ skin. Smile

[Image: 6hxsGur.png]

[Image: jDjR07O.png]
It looks very very good Smile

Where can i find this skin lights? I never found them..
Its Pipa's private kit, i am afraid i can't share it. Sad
Looks good!
Im working on a Polizei skin

[Image: s4muDgD.png][Image: BApT6Um.png]
(11-27-2015, 09:15 AM)Toni Wrote: [ -> ]EINZ ZWEI POLIZEI

Ist gut ja?
[Image: ObgjjYp.png][Image: Q9Le8wv.png][Image: 2kr6LbV.png][Image: AqQaRrm.png]

Its finished , and waiting to be approved , im not sure about rear...
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