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Two departures - Wouter - 04-25-2023

[Image: wYVd7jF.jpg]

[Image: oKpdbk4.png]

Dear cruisers,

Milo decided to leave the team. He won't be active anymore due to priorities outside LFS.

[Image: isonline.adwin] | [CSR] Milo | adwin

Carlos decided to leave the team for reasons that won't be disclosed.

[Image: isonline.thegamer147] | [CSR] Carlos | thegamer147

Thanks for everything, you were both very valuable to the management and the whole team! Hope to see you a lot on TC. Even though we are not a hop-on-hop-off team, know that the door is always open for both of you Smile

That's all, drive safe! Discord: click here!
Team [CSR] Management