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Introduce yourself here

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I am Spark and today is my Bday. Big Grin I love XRT and racing, thanks to Pete for getting me into this.. Big Grin
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Happy Birthday Spark! Big Grin

My name is Krisztian, I live in Budapest.  I love XFG, RB4, XFR and FXR racing, and thanks to be one of the best team member!
I was play before World of Warcraft and sometimes Minecrft.
My FB page is >here<, make me if you want.
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Happy bday spark.

My name is ... and you dont need to know anything bout me Smile


Well , my name is Borja Pérez , and i live in Spain.


Hi im toni, and im a noob.


Hi all! I'm kxait, my real name is Thomas and I really like computer science. I'm an amateur begginer programmer (Lua and HTML) and I like photoshopping and driving in racing games. I started playing LFS in 2009 with my brother but got S2 license in April of 2014 on my birthday. I love the UFI and it's my go-to car, but I also own a UFR and XRT on the [TC] server. I live in Poland and I've grown up in Kraków. I used to have really long hair but no longer do because I looked stupid. (still do tbh). That's about it for me Wink

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Hi guys. Greyzone here Team Mentor of your favorite other TC affiliate team the Red Devil Street Racers Wink
I am very gearheaded and luckily even have a job matching this. I'm learning/working as a saddler for cars, so im doing all the interieur stuff, e.g. the nice leather seats you want or rooflining, cabriolet roofs etc. The workshop i work in mainly restores old Porsches which is pretty cool but often a pain in the ass to work on Big Grin
Thats it from me Smile


Welcome! Added you to the RDSR usergroup!


Welcome! Smile
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Your work sounds interesting..

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