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Team member list

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[Image: nZyCTHk.png]

[Image: oKpdbk4.png]

[CSR] Leaders:

The Leaders of [CSR] make sure the team is running smoothly and without flaws every day, any major issues are discussed within the management team and the outcome is shared with other members to hear their opinion.

[Image: isonline.i-love-cruise] | [CSR] Wouter | i-love-cruise
[Image: isonline.krisar4321bg] | [CSR] TDS | krisar4321bg

[CSR] Assistant leaders:

Assistant Leader is the one who assists the Leaders on future plans and CSR Events, He also makes sure the team is running smoothly and any intel he gets or any issues that arise, brought straight to the Leaders.

[CSR] Assistant Leader in Training:

The Assistant Leader in Training is a role in which a certain member of the team is given the opportunity to see what is going on behind the curtains of CSR as well as learning the Leadership Skills. This role can be given to a member of the team for being loyal and respectful to [CSR] and [TC] in general, It can also be given as a treat to the member who has been working really hard in the development.

[Image: isonline.Rasmus94] | [CSR] Ras | Rasmus94

[CSR] Seniors:

Senior Members are members that have been in the team for a while and have experience of being real team players. They assist in decision making and help the recruits throughout their recruitment period.

[Image: isonline.bkrisztian91] | [CSR] Botos | bkrisztian91
[Image: isonline.tdilevi] | [CSR] Levi | tdilevi
[Image: isonline.Ross-Levine] | [CSR] Ross | Ross-Levine
[Image: isonline.Loganhenry] | [CSR] Logan | Loganhenry
[Image: isonline.ClasK_03] | [CSR] Clas | ClasK_03

[CSR] Members:

Our Members are the ones we wouldn't be a team without, they are there to show off our team from every side providing transparency within the team and also assist in decision making.

[Image: isonline.anassilverto] | [CSR] Intings | anassilverto
[Image: isonline.javito01] | [CSR] Javi | javito01
[Image: isonline.FGYSG] | [CSR] Epilogue | FGYSG

[CSR] Recruits:

Our Recruits are treated just like any other member of the team, they have been given a chance to try out for the team before a final decision is made whether they are successful or not in their recruitment period.


LEGENDs are loyal, old members of the family for a long time or they were very important to the team.

[Image: isonline.dankprincess] | [LEGEND] DankPrincess | dankprincess
[Image: isonline.Demon%20Illidan] | [LEGEND] Monster | Demon Illidan
[Image: isonline.raphi_59] | [LEGEND] Raphi | raphi_59
[Image: isonline.Sparklez] | [LEGEND] Spark | Sparklez
[Image: isonline.Starter] | [LEGEND] Starter | Starter
[Image: isonline.toniara97] | [LEGEND] Toni | toniara97
[Image: isonline.Kiwie] | [LEGEND] Kiwie | Kiwie
[Image: isonline.rauno002] | [LEGEND] Rauno | rauno002
[Image: isonline.topthrillgtr] | [LEGEND] KibaWolf | topthrillgtr
[Image: isonline.legocriss] | [LEGEND] Porsche | legocriss
[Image: isonline.robo1990] | [LEGEND] ROBO | robo1990
[Image: isonline.maketsi30] | [LEGEND] Dodo | maketsi30

Inactive members:

[Image: isonline.Ludo99] | [CSR] Ludo | Ludo99

[Image: oKpdbk4.png]
Current Number of [CSR] Members: 12
Current Number of [CSR] Recruits: 0
Current Number of LEGEND's: 14

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