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Late hello

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Hello guys!

My name is Toni, on a 19 year old guy from Finland who loves cars, and all things that have tyres or an engine. I have studied myself to be a plater/welder, I mainly weld on stick welders and MIG/MAG machines. Im also currently on My military service period which Is a complete 347 Days (started on 2.1.2017) and im hoping that ill become a truck driver and get the licenses from army. (C,CE, and ADR licenses). I own a 2001 SEAT Leon 1.9TDI which I love to drive and Work on. Im also a real big music fan, and my Dream is to learn to play drums professionally at some point of My Life.

I love making skins and skinkits for LFS as you might have seen.

Oh, and im also one of the main leaders who brought the team Back alive Back in 2014-2016. I got kicked out due to My mistake of leaving My pc unlocked and got banned on tc. But mistakes are to Be learnt from hehe!

Team CSR history:

Joined in as a recruit: 31-01-2014
Became a member:  23-02-2014
Became a leader: 04-09-2014
Demoted myself to senior: 16-5-2016


Community Awards
2014 Runner-Up for Best Skinner!
2015 Runner-Up for Best Avatar!
Gumball Awards
Gumball 2014 - Gumballer
Gumball 2015 - Opening Weekend 1st
Gumball 2015 - Opening Weekend Team 3rd
Gumball 2015 - Hotlap Team 2nd
Gumball 2015 - Gumballer
Gumball 2015 - Bronze Donor
Gumball 2016 - Silver Donor

Sorry for Bad writing, done on My phone on a hurry.


Well, Toni, I am happy to see you're still around. Hopefully you won't make the same mistake again hehe
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Nice to see you again Wink


Hi Tony! I've been an CSR member and leader on 2010-11 and left on 2013. I never saw you, but it will be a pleasure. Smile


Ive seen you lots of times Monster, you just never noticed me when i was online or you were AFK haha, and I also became real active in 2014, the time before that was being a noob. Would gladly like to get back with the CSR guys haha, maybe ill Even come online this Weekend, as I have a weekend off hehe


We'd be happy to see you once again.
[Image: GNW6YtF.png]


You should go on servers on weekends :p

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