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Hello everyone!
My name is Damian, I'm 25 yo, and nice polak :p
I'm playing LFS 1,5year, but on legal since 11 march 2k17.
TC was first server I joined on legal, and I fall in loveeee...
I'm trying to be online every single day
I'm still learning about fast driving, and nice cruising, but I'm not the worst one I think
To be honest, I hope I can take chance from CSR, because in my opinion, it's the best team on TC, nice members, fast drivers...
I think thats all of me
If you wanna know somethink more, just ask!



Welcome to our forum Nubito, feel free to send an application to some of the leaders.




Welcome to God's forum and hope you have fun here


Hey nubito, I'm glad to hear your opinions about the team!
For the recruitment, well... it basically depends of the moment of the year, the persons applying, events prepared/if we get busy etc.
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I like to hear your opinions about our (very niceSmile) team.
You'll have to, as Raphi already said, wait for the next recruitment in order to make a chance to be recruited.

See you on TC!

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Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay with on our forum! Wink

Have you got any questions, feel free to ask any of our members as we're not a TEAM, we're a FAMILY!
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Hello everyone!
So nice team, ahh Heart
And for sure, I can promise you that if there's no chance to be accepted now I will wait!
Cya on TC!


Hi there, enjoy your stay Tongue
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