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Application Template

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Welcome to Team [CSR]'s Application Template Thread, to start off please make sure you pass our requirements below. If you are not sure about something, feel free to contact a Leader or an Assistant Leader of the team via PM and they will be more than happy to help you with whatever you may require!

To apply for Team [CSR], please fill in the Application form below, and post it as a thread with thread name as follows: Application <Your Username>.

- Minimum distance driven on [TC] Servers: 5,000km
- Must be mature.
- Minimum age limit 15 years of age. (Exceptions may be made)
- No recent warnings, bans or problems with admins.
- You must have a Valid Cop License. (Exceptions may be made)
- Must be active on TC.
- Must have a general understanding of role-playing.

[b][i][u]General Questions[/u][/i][/b]

- [b]First Name[/b] -
- [b]LFS Username[/b] -
- [b]LFS Nickname[/b] -
- [b]Total distance in [color=#ff3333][TC][/color][/b] -
- [b]Total playing hours in [color=#ff3333][TC][/color][/b] -
- [b]How old are you? [/b]-
- [b]What Languages do you speak?[/b] -
- [b]On a scale of 1-10, how well do you speak English?[/b] -
- [b]What licenses do you have in [color=#ff3333][TC][/color]? (MED/COP/TOW)[/b] -
- [b]Have you completed Basic Training and if so did you Pass?[/b] -
- [b]Have you completed Advanced Training?[/b] -
- [b]Do you have your COP license revoked?[/b] -
- [b]Do you have a [color=#ff3333][TC][/color] Forum account? If so what's your name on it?[/b] -
- [b]Have you been banned before?[/b] -
- [b]If you have answered 'Yes' the previous question, explain to us how many times you have been banned and why.[/b] -
- [b]Write something about yourself. (For example, Who you are and what you like to do.)[/b] -
- [b]Why did you decide to apply for team [color=#4DB8FF][CSR][/color] rather than another team?[/b] -
- [b]What can you bring to help with development of [color=#4DB8FF][CSR][/color]?[/b] -
- [b]If you were accepted, how would this be beneficial to our team?[/b] -
- [b]Have you ever been in any other teams? If so how long ago and what teams were they?[/b] -

[u][i][b]Situation Judgement Question[/b][/i][/u]

- [b]You join the server and you see a member of [color=#4DB8FF][CSR][/color] being blatantly rammed by a user you have never seen before,  the user is refusing to stop, what do you do?[/b]? -
- [b]You are in a chase as a Police Officer and some random guy overtakes you and performs a ram on the suspect, what do you do?[/b]? -
- [b]You notice that a member of [color=#4DB8FF][CSR][/color] has been calling for backup multiple times and there are no available cops at this time, what do you do?[/b] -
- [b]A user PM's you telling you that they want to join [color=#4DB8FF][CSR][/color], what do you do?[/b] -
- [b]A user starts to swear at you for no reason, what do you do?[/b] -
- [b]You are in a chase as a Police Officer and you get pushed into the barrier by the suspect, what do you do?[/b] -

While your application is pending, you must not contact any member of Team [CSR] by any means regarding your Application Status.
If you have any questions regarding your application you should PM a Leader or an Assistant Leader.

Whether you become a recruit or not depends on the quality of your Application.
This year the team decided to show everyone interested in [CSR], the stages they will have to go through.

Before you become a recruit:
- Stage 1 - Submit your Application.

If you are accepted into the team as a Recruit, you will be required to complete Stage 2 before the end of your Recruitment Period.
- Stage 2 - Complete a Driving Test

After you become a Full Member of the team, you will go through the following stages:
- Stage 3 - You will be Trained how to use our Policing Systems by a Leader or an Assistant Leader.
- Stage 4 - You will be Driver Trained, everything will be explained in detail in the handbook which you will receive when you become a full member.

By submitting an application for Team [CSR] you agree to follow the rules of [TC] and [CSR] at all times..

Thank you for your interest in our team and we wish you the best of luck in your Stage 1!
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