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How to obtain the rights to use SOS Pager

Information  (This post was last modified: 05-22-2018, 06:01 PM by Wouter. Edit Reason: my plan WAS to gave only (ass) leaders permission to give license keys, but it's imo the best to give every csr member rights for it )


Thank you for showing interest in [CSR] SOS Pager!

You can post your LFS username in this thread to obtain the rights to use SOS Pager.
We'll check if you're a player on TC with your given username.
A [CSR] Member will add you to the list of allowed users to use [CSR] SOS Pager if we allow you to use SOS Pager.

Please use this template:

Username: [b]Fill in your username here[/b]

We will notify you by sending you an PM.

We may choose to let you not use this program without further notice, but we usually don't do that, don't worry Smile

Feel free to look around on our forums now you've registered on team-csr.eu.

Have fun!

Team [CSR] Management.

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