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Announcing SOS Pager!


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[CSR] now officially announces and releases [CSR] SOS Pager!
You might be wondering what it exactly is, but it is the new version of Wouter's and Neko's program LFSTowNotifier. Therefore, the development of LFSTowNotifier has stopped because it's useless to update two programs with almost the same functionalities. Further development will be done in SOS Pager.

For those who don't know what LFSTowNotifer and SOS Pager are: these are programs which you can use to get notified by a beeping sound when someone calls SOS in TC while LFS is minimized (it also works when LFS isn't minimized) on your computer. The name LFSTowNotifier is a bit misleading, because it's meant for cop's, tow's, med's and res', even only 'Tow' is in the name. SOS Pager will be the same, but the functionalities will eventually grow. It also works for COP's.

You need to obtain a free license key to use it here. The program asks for your LFS username the first time you open it, to verify that you've got a license key. The download link stays at the bottom of this post. You need to type '/insim 29999' in LFS, because it uses InSim.

For those who are interested (technical details):
Please report problems to this thread or, if you don't want to make them public, please send me a PM. We try to work on solving problems atleast every weekend.

You need .NET Framework 4.5 to use it.

You can download it here.

If you want, you can change the .wav-files to change the sounds for a more realistic experience.

Have fun using it!

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Stay tuned!
Team [CSR] Management.
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