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Recruit & Recruitment news


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Hello cruisers,

We got multiple things to announce today.

After a long period having no official recruitment periods, we decided to change our recruitment strategy and chose to have open recruitment which does not have a deadline. More and more TC players showed interest in us and became applicants outside the official recruitment periods. A way to take advantage of that without the need to let players wait months before a recruitment period is to have a never-ending recruitment. More information can be found here.

We proudly announce our promotional video along with this. You'll like it! Big Grin

Our Recruit Mercury left the team. Good luck mate!

Mark successfully passed his period as a Recruit and becomes a Member.

[Image: isonline.schassis] | [CSR] Mark | schassis

Congratulations mate! Smile

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That's it for today!
Team [CSR] Management.
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