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Multiple members in & out


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Dear community,

We got a lot of things to mention today.

One of our Management-members, Neko, will be removed from the team immediately due to things that happened on [TC] CityDriving involving him.

[Image: isonline.Moonlight.Neko] | [CSR] Neko | Moonlight.Neko

Thank you for everything you've done for us, you were very valuable for the development of the team.

We thought it is time to do a cleanup of some inactive members. As you may know, we have a rank dedicated to inactive members because there was a time when a lot of them were inactive for longer than a month, but with plans to come back. Fortunately, we became more active since then. It's time to say goodbye to some of our members.
[Image: isonline.topthrillgtr] | [CSR] KibaWolf | topthrillgtr
[Image: isonline.byEdo] | [CSR] byEdoo | byEdo
[Image: isonline.havard02027991] | [CSR] Leviathan | havard02027991
[Image: isonline.GeneralMcBadass] | [CSR] GOOMB | GeneralMcBadass
[Image: isonline.Whosfoxe] | [CSR] Freddan | Whosfoxe

Thank you for your contribution, we would like to see you back when you're active again!

KibaWolf will become part of the LEGEND's due to his long-time membership and contributions to the team management.

One of our members, Mark, decided to leave the team.

[Image: isonline.schassis] | [CSR] Mark | schassis

Thank you for your time staying with us.

We got three new recruits. Two of them were part of us until the first few months of the year.

[Image: isonline.maketsi30] | [CSR] Dodo | maketsi30
[Image: isonline.krisar4321bg] | [CSR] TDS | krisar4321bg
[Image: isonline.Loganhenry] | [CSR] Logan | Loganhenry

Congratulations guys, and good luck with finishing the next stage! Smile

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That's it for today!
Team [CSR] Management.
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