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Show us your ride.

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That's the Bae Big Grin

[Image: 4ENlQo4.jpg]

Soo much love towards her. Heart

[Image: TyUwLNk.jpg]
[Image: GNW6YtF.png]


[Image: t6k0Rca.jpg]

From last summer...

Basically, what it is, is a Honda X8R-X 50cc scooter Smile


Hehe looks awesome, it sucks the way you had to change a few parts after the crash. Undecided
[Image: GNW6YtF.png]


Haha, only left mirror, and left blinker cover broke, and some damage to the fearings...


Here Big Grin Some time give for drive by Dad. [Image: 11117600_871935279539215_2024265526_n_ww...es.hu_.jpg]

[Image: 11156783_871930516206358_1835510791_n_ww...es.hu_.jpg]

And here my car

[Image: 11079277_871816229551120_805647081_n_www...es.hu_.jpg]
[Image: 11136806_871932156206194_1354688328_n_ww...es.hu_.jpg]


Not bad. Tongue
[Image: GNW6YtF.png]


Punto, the italian curse.

When you put the blinker on, the taillights flash too..


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My dad's car ( and when im 18,my one too jeje)[Image: 5560f81fd282f-PicsArt_1432418289564.jpg]


It actually looks lovely.
[Image: GNW6YtF.png]


France car better Big GrinDBig Grin Cheap and good Big Grin So back to Toni, i was lovely the Punto. Does'nt have problem with car only with body. some time need to repair the paint. Don't like the rain.

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