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[Image: gFXfWCW.jpg]
The background seems to be blurred out, not legit brah, not legit. Big Grin
Excellent Skin. Toni let's editing this shot, and i give 10 points to PIC Smile
Starting to prepare for Gumball.

[Image: Hnl8AZj.png]
I fap to skin
Looks really nice spark... i think that this year i will request u like past year , a gumball skin.. u do perfect works..
Smile Feel free brother.

[Image: ASHJm5I.png]
[Image: nUuKv9T.png]

Rear needs to be cleaned of clipping, texture needs to be refined and made smooth, gradient color might need some adjustment.
Looks awesome. Big Grin

@Toni - Ugloooo Big Grin
Some livery ideas for this years Gumball.... Might use for myself, or sell it in a later stage..

[Image: dBlDvbW.jpg][Image: lRHUFhu.png][Image: uOXBFcz.png]
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