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Bro, it's complicated but she's messing with my feelings, I just want to make her notice that she ain't the only one that can have me.. Big Grin

I would never cheat on her though..
What a gentleman Big Grin
w/ Onur Yaslak
GTI chase & from Russia with love!
[Image: Cyn_r9wX0KM.jpg][Image: jAq_HAO2X9M.jpg][Image: wmzlO-_a0WI.jpg][Image: Ka7ONVkKTXg.jpg]
Good pictures. Wink
They're very nice! Smile
Some pictures with the team, and recruits Smile
At first, parking our cars wasn't really succesful: 
[Image: XGgM7Gy.jpg]

Then we were done about parking :p

[Image: 2bLyjWi.jpg]
[Image: mm0sq1f.jpg]
Good work Raphi! Wink
Awesome shots! Smile
yesterevening Smile
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