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Not bad, though could be better.
i need one with bmw or mercedes grill and light Big Grin
[Image: 3YAfgDZ.jpg]
Like pro. Jaja
[Image: LFS%202015-06-16%2000-20-27-36_zpsspsxbi1y.jpg]
Was practising/hot lapping for the 10 Hours of WE coming up on the 18th, had set new personal bests in the first two sectors desprate to get into the 47's, then this happened, was on two wheels for so long Sad
[Image: LFS%202015-06-16%2000-22-12-64_zpsv28uovvz.jpg]
But later tonight this happened!
[Image: LFS%202015-06-16%2001-01-24-17_zpsdu8wunum.jpg]
I got a 1:47:85 with my possible best now dropping to something like a 1:47:55, looking forward to this race now! Also thanks to Pete for helping me out!
[Image: LFS%202015-06-16%2001-02-12-49_zpsolnii00l.jpg]
I love 2 wheels photos Smile
Myself and Nofy having some fun tonight
[Image: LFS%202015-06-17%2001-21-32-65_zpsflhue9ez.jpg]
[Image: LFS%202015-06-17%2001-22-09-73_zpsdosmsh9n.jpg]
[Image: LFS%202015-06-17%2001-23-10-13_zpsaum0gxby.jpg]
Seems that get a little fund Smile I will have to play again in drift mode...
Here are some shots of my 2 hour stint.

[Image: sx4sdEB.jpg]

[Image: Lzru6yG.jpg]

[Image: LhVLnWi.jpg]

[Image: NBfc9c2.jpg]

Fighting for a position against an FXR Big Grin

[Image: 9neg64D.jpg]

[Image: hfRCjMm.jpg]

Aaaaand this happened. (Bye bye position.)

[Image: a67HPKK.jpg]

GenR Tongue

[Image: vwIaxOR.jpg]
New cop skin.
[Image: bHWE4U0.jpg]
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