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Looks great! Smile
Chillin' with Botos :p
Nice. Smile
(10-22-2016, 10:11 PM)Monster Wrote: [ -> ]Chillin' with Botos :p

Great picture, my last in team! [Image: ol.gif] [Image: ol.gif] [Image: ol.gif]
Yep, sadly.. Sad
I'm sorry about the way things were, and I didn't want that conflict, so I saw fit. Sad
I don't know all the story, free feel to PM me if you want to talk.. Wink
[Image: J9DmOFE.jpg]
7.4l/100km, slowest consumption ever on TC! xd
Ha.. I like how you're talking about consumption when your Leader is chilling in Spain and ended up meeting 3 girls who keep messaging him on his phone.. It was a mistake giving them his phone number..

Big Grin
When you have a gf, you don't play with her heart, don't you know? Wink
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