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Those reflections look good!
I know right. Tongue

Check these out! The one i use is 'Chameleon Iridescent' combined with Keiichi's shaders. Smile]Click
Was bored, so i made myself a cruise skin for XFG.

[Image: js7I3E0.jpg][Image: Jtie1OC.jpg]
I was taking photos of my new skin made by Borja
[Image: lfs_00000008.jpg]
[Image: lfs_00000010.jpg]
Nice pic Jiri

Getting ready for Gumball!

[Image: fXQvM1V.jpg]
Awesome pics, keep those coming. Wink
Updated my XRT lights a little Smile Still need to fiddle around with the indicator a little.
All lights on in the pic

[Image: AjWkxnN.jpg]
Uglo. Big Grin
So many good memories came back with this skin...

[Image: JTZjOiF.jpg]

Not bad. Wink
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